The following REPUBLICAN candidates are running in the General Election on November 8, 2022. VOTE REPUBLICAN

Adams County Clerk: Ryan A. Niekamp

Adams County Sheriff: Tony Grootens

Adams County Treasurer: F. Bryden Cory

Adams County Board:

District 1

  • Bret Austin
  • Keith Callaway

District 2

  • Ryan Hinkamper
  • Barbara J. Fletcher
  • Mart T. Sorensen

District 3

  • Mark Dietrich
  • David P. Bellis
  • Marvin Kerkhoff

District 4

  • R, Kent Snider
  • Michael Steven (Steve) McQueen
  • Travis Cooley

District 5

  • Jon McCoy
  • Tim Finlay
  • Robert E. Reich

District 6

  • David D. L. McCleary
  • Bradley W. Poulter
  • Les Post

District 7

  • Theresa Bockhold
  • Joe Zanger
  • Brent Fischer

Illinois Districts were gerrymandered by the IL democrats.

Adams County was divided up. (3) Three IL House Districts. (2) Two IL Senate Districts, and New Boundaries on US Congressional District

Here are the latest 2022 maps.  

IL House Districts-2022
IL Senate Districts-2022
IL US Congressional Districts-2022