Chairman Dave Bockhold

Welcome to the official website of the Adams County, ILLINOIS Republican Party.

Our political party system is organized at the national, state, and county level. At the county level, each precinct elects a Precinct Committeeman or Precinct Committeewoman every two years in the primary election.

The elected Precinct Committeemen or Committeewomen are referred to as the Central Committee and they hold a County Convention after the primary to elect a Chairman or Chairwoman. The offices of Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer are also elected. The Central Committee is charged with governing the Republican Party in the county as provided by the Illinois State Statutes.

The Central Committee cannot possibly perform all of the necessary functions that are required to help elect national, state, and local Republicans to office. Therefore, we encourage you to become involved in the work of the Republican Party in Adams County. You can do so by contacting us by Phone (217-222-3939) or by email.

We encourage you to get involved in any way you can. So, if you believe in smaller government, lower taxes and personal responsibility, contact us and we will find a way you can help.

The Republican Party needs the same thing as your church: your time, talent, and money.



David Bockhold, Chairman

Adams County Republican Central Committee

Republican Party, Adams County of Illinois

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